Saturday, December 25, 2010

turning Japanese

Well, day 2 in this city and I LOVE it. Tokyo officially rocks. So far we've checked out the view from the Mori tower in Roppongi Hills, seen a great art exhibition, lunched at a cool hole in the wall bar in Shinjuku, shopped Omotesando, been fleeced (kobe beef) at a teppanyaki restaurant, sampled some great wines, and cruised the Imperial Palace gardens.

Today being Christmas day, we went for lunch at the New York Bar and Grill (of Lost in Translation fame) at the Park Hyatt. Very good food and so reasonable. Yum good pork lunch, although no crackling. Boo. Senastional desserts on offer.

Now it's chill out time in our room at the Mandarin Oriental... Fluffy-robing it up... Life is sweet. Tomorrow its Ginza then we catch a plane to Sapporo to commence our Japan ski odyssey.

Open it up!