Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A Day of French Indulgence

What do you do when you have a day off work and your son is in daycare? You take yourself to see a French film of course. And then you follow it up with an indulgent lunch at a favourite restaurant.

So off I went to the cinema to take in Haute Cuisine. The film tells the story of Daniele Delpeuch a cook who worked for French PM Mitterand at the Palais del Elysee. I mean how am I not going to love a film set in Paris about magnificent food?

So after sitting in a cinema for a couple of hours watching the protagonist prepare dish after dish brimming with full flavoured, hearty and generous French food it's safe to say I was feeling a little peckish.

So, given this was a (self declared) day of indulgence I took myself to lunch. At one of my favourite restaurants: Bistro Moncur.  BM serves classic simple French food including my all time favourite dish, the cheese souffle. It's a seriously great meal. So incredibly tasty and delicious. And to cut through all that cheesy richness I ordered a crisp green salad.

And in order to provide myself with some entertainment whilst dining alone on my souffle and salad, I read a magazine and savored a travel story on one of my favourite places, Naples. No not Paris, should have been about Paris but Naples provided just as much, if not more inspiration.

I highly recommend booking yourself in for a day of sheer indulgence. Completely reinvigorating.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wardrobe Editing - Puffin style

Last week I did a wardrobe edit for a very good friend of mine. Let's refer to her as The Puffin.

You see The Puffin has her own dressing room - jealous? Yes me too. And it's a beautiful room, off a very beautiful bedroom but thing thing is, she had about 30% more items of clothing in that room than she needed. So we took to it with a zero tolerance policy for anything that hadn't been worn in 12 months or anything that had had it's day.

I learnt several things that day about my friend The Puffin:

1. The Puffin has lots of singlets, t-shirts and cashmere jumpers
2. The Puffin has a second-to-none casual wardrobe full of quirky fun colours
3. The Puffin loves soft fabrics
4. The Puffin needs to buy some shoes
5. The Puffin loves Raggedy Ann v neck, long flared or frill layered cotton dresses with patterns
6. The Puffin will not throw out her turquoise cotton skirt

And this is what we managed to take out of the wardrobe:
Assorted ousted garments strewn on the bed.
and on the floor...
Tidy hanging space. Tidier makes it easier to choose clothing.
It was quite the successful mission I have to say with a few garbage bags full going to Vinnies, about 5 items to be altered for increased wearability and everything in better order.

Belts in a shoe box lid. Great for the spatially challenged.
Folded cashmere.

The Puffin's Scholl denim wedges. They were something else...

And check out these little gems which were unearthed... No, they didn't stay ... ;)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Stylish Flat Shoes for Work

Lately I've been looking for ways to wear flat shoes to work. Being nearly 7 months pregnant, I just don't have the appetite for a big, beautiful heel right now. Don't get me wrong, I'm still a number 1 card carrying fan of the high heel, I adore them, but I might just be minimising my high heel wearing from 5 days a week to 1.

As anyone who's ever worked with me knows, I have a zero tolerance policy on thongs (flip flops) as a work shoe (yes, even just for the commute). I just can't bear the site of a well dressed woman on her way to work looking great from head to ankle and then her feet are clad in Haviannas. Just not a good look. Save them for the beach. And there's really no excuse. Flats can be very cool. And if you're looking for some less expensive options, check out the OutNet and ASOS.

You might notice I have a penchant for the loafer. It's a longstanding love affair. I shuffle around the house on the weekends in pairs of old, worn and soft leather loafers I picked up in Sorrento on the Amalfi Coast in Italy. Cheap as chips and chic as all get out in my humble opinion...
VALENTINO black studded flats (net a porter)

GUCCI pale blue suede loafer (

GUCCI suede moccasins (net a porter)

MARC BY MARC JACOBS mouse ballet flats (net a porter)

McQ Patent Leather creepers (net a porter)

RAG & BONE leather brogues (net a porter)

GUCCI patent leather loafers (

DOLCE VITA Gav d'Orsay flats (shop bop)

JEFFREY CAMPBELL Krystle loafers (shop bop)
ASH star flats (shop bop)
RACHEL ROY Grace tassel loafer (shop bop)

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Met Ball - 2013. The Verdict

OMG darls, thank GOD for the Met Costume Institute Gala, 2013.

The absolutely positively snoozy "fashion" on display at this years awards ceremonies was just so disappointing, I really needed the shot in the arm that the Met Ball has just given me. Faith has been restored people. Once again we can rejoice in the fashion world and cheer on the ladies taking risks.

The theme this year was "Punk: Chaos to couture" and it laid very fertile ground for some amazing fashion to blossom.

Here's who I loved:

Anne Hathaway in Valentino archive
I'm going to kick things off with Annie ( I watch too much Rachel Zoe hence the "Annie" reference) because I very rarely see her in something truly exciting. And this to me is exciting. Check her fab new hair. Its following Miley's lead but who cares its a great look for her.

Emma Watson in Prabal Gurung
Don't you just love the cut of this gown? Genius. Yes it's something we've seen before, early Versace ringing bells but it's such a wonderful shape. Emma just gets better and better.
Gwen Stefani in Maison Martin Margiela
Oh gosh I just adore Gwen. Everything about her really but in this gown, she just knocks it out of the park. The master himself, Margiela created this beautiful gown. Simple to look at but no doubt not in crafting. Classic yet modern. And her signature red lips with platinum hair. It's a triumph and PS, anyone know who does her hair?   
Ivanka Trump
I don't know exactly why I love this look so much, but  think it has something to do with the fact that Ivanka is rocking a pretty casual vibe here. Daughter of the Don, overachieving glamour Mum with enormous job, yadda yadda yadda... and she just goes with a skirt and top. No glitz, no jewels... good hair. It works. I'm liking the cut of her jib.
Ashley Olsen in vintage Dior
Stunning cut, real fashion, beautifully made. Enough said.
Nicole Ritchie in custom Top Shop
Oh wow I was really bowled over by Nicole in this. Admittedly I'm LOVING her hair and make-up the most but the custom Top Shop gown is pretty spesh too. Props to her for taking a risk and for pulling it off with typical Ritchie attitude. 
Rosie Huntingdon Whitely in Gucci 
As stated previously, I have a decent sized lady-crush on Rosie but doesn't she look gorge in Gucci? Feminine, flattering and unlike anyone else on the red carpet.
Sarah Jessica Parker in Giles Deacon dress, Louboutin boots and Phillip Treacy headpiece
Oh SJP. KILLER look. This dress is a masterpiece, the Phillip Treacy is a knockout and as for the boots. I mean what a masterstroke? LOVE this. 
Alison Williams in Altuzarra
Wow Alison Williams (Girls) has staked her claim on being an up and comer in the fashion stakes. Fab dress. And boy, don't I love glossy brown hair? Yes I do. Stunning. 
Anja Rubik in Anthony Vacarello
OK so this is an interesting one because unlike many of these dresses, I don't hanker to wear this number, but isn't it just amazing? So fantastically perfect for the Punk theme. It reminds me of an early 80s Aus Vogue cover. Dramatic eye make-up, red lips and read leather. HOT!
Anna Wintour in Chanel & Bee Schaffer in Dior Couture
Don't you just love the way Anna gives her nod to punk? A long flowing Chanel gown blossoming in floral femininity. Is it true she wore a nose ring? If so, LOVE it.
Cara Delvigne in Burberry
Cara's so hot right now and I kinda see why. I love it when Burberry does sexy and Cara pulls off sexy Brit style like the best of them.
Carey Mulligan in Balanciaga
OK so it's not an earth-mover but I just adore her. Classic black Balenciaga. Stylish, low key but perfectly understated for this Gatsby gal of the hour.
Christina Ricci in Vivienne Westwood
Fabulous. In true Viv style Christina shows her punk creds with style. Rock it sister.
Contance Jablonski in Wes Gordon
I love the name Constance and I love this hot lady. A sexy bondage-esque look. And good hair.
Dree Hemingway in Stella McCartney
Dree's always fabulous and I love her nonchalance at this gala event. If it was me up there on the red carpet, I'd have used the opportunity to bust out some FABULOUS dress but I like Dree's chutzpah.
Florence Welch in Givenchy
Isn't she just dreamy? Love the tassels. Black's a great choice for a woman with such a magnificent titian mane. Dramatic, Morticia-like. All class.
Giovanna Bataglia in Dolce&Gabbana Alta Moda
A style icon of mine, Giovanna shows why the Italians do it best. Totally running her own race in this regal costume.
Gisele Bundchen in Anthony Vaccarello
OK so it's not rocket science but she knows how to rock her first post baby appearance right? Gisele never fails to give me a kick. She's outta control.
Gwenyth Paltrow in Valentino
Haute couture heaven. Love Gwynnie, love her in pink and love her simple hair and make-up.
Kate Beckinsdale in Alberta Ferretti
So Kate is a bit like Annie for me. She very rarely wows me on the fashion front. But I love this choice. Simple, sexy and accessorised perfectly.
Kelly Osborne in Marc Jacobs
Really cool look from the very talented Marc Jacobs. Nothing too glitzy as usual from Kelly - she's got a great sense of her own style and I really dig that.
Solange Knowles in Kenzo
Big fan of Solange I am. And she's in Kenzo. Well of course she is. Too cool for school this lady.
Sofia Coppola in Marc Jacobs and Marc Jacobs in Comme des Garcons
Look out, power couple alert! Love Sofia's pjs and Marc can wear anything and I'll love it. I also happen to love a man in polka dots.
Stacey Keibler in Rachel Roy
Stacey plays it a little safe for me at most events so I was chuffed to see her bust out something short, sexy and hard edged. George loved it too I'm certain. More please Stace!
Teresa Palmer
I've looked high and low and I can't for the life of me find out who Teresa's wearing but this lil' Aussie is looking absolutely smashing in this tangerine cut-out number. And she's one of the few who did the slug eyebrows well. One to continue watching.

Friday, February 01, 2013

The Best (and not so best) of the SAGs 2013

Ok so I don't usually make a habit of writing about worst dressed and I wont actually use that term. But before we look at the glorious gowns let's just take a moment to see what this actress wore..
WOW. What exactly can be said about this? I mean I was quite literally gobsmacked when I saw this dress. It's part mermaid, part 1989 beauty pageant. Almost fancy dress. Anyway, I just wanted to show you that...

Right let's get to business. Here are some beautiful gowns worth a perve:
Giuliana Rancic In Max Azria Atelier
Giuliana is a personal favourite of mine. I'll admit I am a very regular viewer (i.e. I don't miss an episode) of her show Giuliana & Bill. Like presumably millions of others, I've followed her journey through breast cancer and infertility. I find her very amusing.  I sometimes really like what she wears although most times, I think she looks best in casual gear. This is a great example of beautiful hair for a special occasion. Low, loose curls with a side part. Glamorous and chic. And I really like the colour of this gown.
Kellie Osborne in Jenny Packham
I really like Kellie O's hair colour. And I like the way she often supports British designers. This time it's Jenny Packham. Although I think the fit and fall of his dress could have been improved, note the visible stitching and pinching in the front seam.
Eddie Redmayne in Burberry
I think actor and Burberry model Eddie Redmayne is a big spunk. Whoever said freckles were a flaw was clueless. I also like that he's trying out chocolate brown on the red carpet. Refreshing don't you think?
Alec Baldwin and wife Hilaria Baldwin
These two just make a beautiful hair. They're so handsome and classic Hollywood. Note all the beautiful pleats in her gown and the distinct lack of adornment and accessories. And doesn't his hair look great right now? Sort of longer and lighter. He looks 15 years younger.
Jenna Fischer in Jenny Packham
Who is this Jenna Fischer I hear you ask? I did too. She's from the US version of The Office. I like her. Loose, cool, glossy hair and a really simple yet sparkling dress.
Kiernan Shipka in Oscar de la Renta
And as for this little lady, I like her style. Sometimes the youngies go out too hard, too fast. All boobs out with false lashes and tonnes of eye-makeup. But not Kiernan who incidentally plays Don and Betty Draper's daughter in Mad Men. I like her cute and simple hair and the dress length. She's 13 and she's got a bright future in red carpets if she continues in this vein.
Nina Dobrev in Elie Saab
The thing I like about this dress is the shape. Look at the cap-sleeves - just the right length on a toned slim arm. And don't you love a well executed cap-sleeve with a high round neck? Beautiful. And check the length - just grazing the ground. It's really elegant isn't it? I also love the tailoring around her waist and hips. Cheeky cut-aways add some fashiony flair but nothing too garish.
Marion Cotillard in Christian Dior
Ah Marion. Isn't she just so... so French? I love the nonchalant hands in pockets, the smooth glossy dark hair and the wonderful pairing of a French blue skirt with a barely there crisp, white bandeau piece. Beautiful shoes too.
Naomi Watts in Marchesa
You know I'm not typically a big fan of Marchesa but I do like this dress. I know I do go on about length but this length is just perfect in my eyes. Smooching the ground and with the slightest of fishtails, she's a knockout in this one. Her hair, her red lips and the this wedding-cake-icing white lace gown were a standout.
Rose Byrne in Valentino
Doesn't Rose look just divine? I don't often love a floral but the soft flounciness of this Valentino creation wins me over.
January Jones in Prabal Gurung
This high neckline with ruffle is a really beautiful addition I think. It reminds me of the back of my girlfriend Tana's wedding gown. STU-NNING. (see below for a squiz).

Tana Hardwick in Vera Wang
Nicole Kidman in Vivienne Westwood
Nic has been featuring in my fashion wraps up lots lately, I'm liking her direction right now. This midnight blue Vivienne Westwood is so beautifully textured. I can take or leave her hair, it's a bit blah but the dress is a winner. And ten points for pulling off a side thigh-high split without feeling urge to engage in the the Angelina stance. It's simply not necessary.
Julianne Moore in Chanel
Oh gosh don't you just love her? Obsessed I am. It's Chanel but not as we know it. Again, the perfetct red carpet length, which in turn gives her length. I also like that she's wearing normal (presumably non surgically enhanced) 50 something boobs. And look! They're not bolstered, scaffolded and pushed up to their highest most unnatural point! Bravo Ms Moore.
Jessica Pare in Jason Wu
I just love this colour. Dreamy don't you think?

John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt in Blumarine
What a gorgeous pair. They look uncomplicated, classy and happy. Good to see Blumarine back on the red carpet too.

Anne Hathaway in Giambattista Valli 
I'm really enjoying watching Anne on the red carpet lately. With each appearance she gets just a little bit edgier and tries something new. Really digging the length her over skirt. I also LOVE the way she's styling her new hair. Very cool. If I had to change one thing? The shoes. Something a bit Minnie Mouse about them.