Monday, January 28, 2013

Femme d'armes

So this morning I received an email from a US designer behind a label called Femme d'armes who designed Louise Roe's magnificent black lace dress for the Golden Globes. All good and well except for the fact that I credited this beautiful gown to Vera Wang in my globes wrap up. Quel horreur indeed! My most sincere apologies to the team at Femme d'armes. As we all know, Vera needs no additional publicity so I am thrilled to be able to use the correction as an opportunity to give a plug to a cool designer I was not previously familiar with.

Launched in NYC by sisters Connie and Fannie (you can read more about them here) in 2010, their most recent SS13 collection includes suiting, jumpsuits and my favorite, some fantastic prints. Check the Cherie top and Odette skirt. I LOVE this skirt.
Femme d'armes SS13: cherie top with odette skirt.
And other beautiful pieces from the collection include:
Femme d'armes SS13: clemence bodysuit with sylvie pant. 
Femme d'armes SS13: dillon dress.
Femme d'armes SS13: gitane jumpsuit. 
Femme d'armes SS13: bailey dress.
Femme d'armes SS13: gigi jumper.
If you love Femme d'armes too you can buy them online at Shopbop or at the cools.

Monday, January 14, 2013

BLACK OUT at the Golden Globes

SO, here we are in 2013 and it feels like YEARS since we had any decent red carpet frocks to fawn over. I really enjoyed savoring tonight's red carpet offerings, and I have to say, I liked what I saw. There were very few train crashes. I mean look, the reality is, there's always going to be far too many women wearing far too much make-up in very predictable dresses but hey, this is Hollywood we're talking about here.

So here's what I liked and why:

Katharine McPhee in Theyskins Theory
So I love her character in SMASH but I just love this dress more. This pic does it no justice (and I thought that a lot tonight when looking at the stills after watching the telecast) because seriously, she looked AH-MAZING when being interviewed.

Nicole Kidman in Alexander McQueen
Ok so I was proud as punch when I saw our Nic get out of the car with cute little Keith in tow. She looked HOT. She rocked some really cute 60s mod hair and she looked like she was having fun. She's got the height and bod to pull off cut outs and netting and heaven knows what else she had going on there. Really cool. GO NIC!
Helena Bonham Carter in Dolce & Gabbana & Tim Burton
I say it every year and I'll say it again. LOVE her disheveled un-done british hair, love her sunglasses and most of all LOVE the way they raise their collective middle finger to Hollywood in all it's plasicness every year. I mean could they look any less interested in the red carpet shots? Hurrah for the Bonham-Burtons!
Louise Roe in Femme d'armes
Ok yes so you have a point, if i worked as a fashion writer for US Elle, I too would look amazing at the Golden Globes but let's face it, they've all got amazing contacts and access to stylists and designers, and they don't all pull off greatness. But Ms Roe nails it in Vera.
Rachel Weisz in Louis Vuitton
I fricken love the Weisz-meister. And look at her tonight. I mean lets face it, this is a hard look to carry and it probably does look just a smidge better on the catwalk on some amazonian toothpick, but for a mere mortal (and an amazing one at that), doesn't she just kill it? Great hair, bang-on make-up. Class act RW.
Helen Mirren in Badgely Mishka
Ok so yes, I will declare, I have an unashamed lady-crush on Helen but how could I not? I mean look at this shiz? Aint she the bomb? Awesome hair choice, great dress and an attitude of cool, calm sophistication. She's got it all over the young 'uns.
Kate Hudson in Alexander McQueen
Kate just looks cool in this. And she looks comfortable and she looks like great fun. I could definitely have great fun on a night out with Kate. This is a study in effortless yet amazing hair. Don't try and gild the lily ladies.
Rosie Huntington-Whitely in Saint Laurent
Admittedly I am mainly posting this because I adore her, well her face more accurately but I also love the non-Americaness of this look and the belt. She's British, she's hot and she's broken the mould with this look. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Olivia Munz in Giorgio Armani
I love that she didn't go OTT with her GG look. Turquoise stone boob tube, black skirt. Beautiful fabrics. Unaffected and beautiful. I love her plain slicked hair in a bun and I love that she majored in journalism and really worked in lots of newsrooms before becoming an actor and playing a journalist in The Newsroom.

The Non-Noir Knockouts
Clare Danes in Versace
So Clare just had a baby 4 weeks ago, and no, I'm not going to bang on about how amazing it is that she lost "all the baby weight" in such a short period of time but how amazing it is that:

a) she managed to get of the couch and out of her trackies,
b) she doesn't appear to be lactating breast-milk all over her gown,
c) she has some semblance of a baby belly so womanly and sexily sitting there, as it should (it's not as visible in this shot as it was on the telecast

She's also mastered sexy, old school glam hair and a great smoky eye. Good job Clare Danes.
Naomi Watts in Zac Posen
I just really like this. Beautiful film star hair, gorgeous blood coloured dress, backless glamour. And a really lovely husband along for the ride. They were a standout couple.
Anne Hathaway in Chanel couture
Great new haircut, amazing dress at the most perfect length. Simplicity laced with cool. 

Oh and I really loved Julieanne Moore. Isn't she just stunning? Tom Ford with Bulgari jewels. So good.

Good night.